Welcome to Bad To The Dad


That imperfect species that hopes his kids turn out better than him at everything. He’s the dad who dreams of his kids throwing perfect spirals, curing cancer, and pronouncing landmark Supreme Court decisions. And sometimes, Dad nails it. Other times, his kid strikes out looking, loses a finger in wood shop, and barfs in the back of your neighbor’s minivan…because a whole bag of licorice and a quart of chocolate milk seemed like a good lunch before soccer practice. And that’s ok. Because sometimes, we’re Dad: Superhero Supreme. But more often than not, we’re just BAD TO THE DAD.

So pour yourself a beverage that relaxes the mind, and everything else for that matter.  And put on that Van Halen 3/4 sleeve concert shirt from the ’86 tour. You know the one. It’s got holes and pit stains, but it’s so you. And join us for the kind of talk that makes being just an O.K. dad, just O.K. with us.